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Crocs Brand Shoes

Crocs brand shoes are made primarily from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). While industrial EVA scrap is recyclable, as of this writing post-consumer...

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Expired Drugs, Prescription Medicines, Pills

Help promote this type of recycling

Keep your unneeded drugs locked up, ready for a takeback opportunity.


Village Bicycle Project

Ships unwanted bikes & parts to Ghana and other countries, where they feed a network of newly trained bicycle mechanics and service shops. An awar...

Help promote this type of recycling

Protect any of your old bikes from rust until they can be donated.


Recycling Corks

They want your cork. Old wine corks can be 'upcycled' into products even more valuable than wine corks. Check with your local wine shop if they p...

Help promote this type of recycling

Ask local wine merchants or restaurants to participate, perhaps print out the recork home page.


Recycling Blue Jeans or Other Denim

Turns out that old denim fabric makes excellent itch-free insulation for houses. This category was pioneered by a company called Bonded Logic. As...

Help promote this type of recycling

Consider speaking with the manager of your local thrift shops: encourage them to set up collection points for worn denim clothing. Costs for shipping in bulk are much lower than if each consumer ships individually.


Recycling Carpet

Carpets have long had no practical destination other than landfill. A combination of State law and industry efforts are changing that. California...

Help promote this type of recycling

If you're buying carpet, ask about recycling. If consumers demand it, more suppliers will take up recycling efforts.


Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)